Effective plug-and-clean solution against the coronavirus disease



The PlasmaMade AirCleaner ensures clean and healthy air – even in large rooms up to 150 m².


Flexible use

The AirCleaner can be used wherever it is needed due to its practical rollers.


Highly efficient

The PlasmaMade AirCleaner reduces the aerosol density to an almost sterile level.



Even at the highest power level, there are no unpleasant smells or drafts.



Downforcing represses the polluted air and reduces the risk of infection.



Impressively low power consumption with long runtime.
The whole system is 100% cradle-to cradle.



Due to variable modes, the power level can be adapted to the size of the room.



All you need is a socket.



It has been proven that the patented PlasmaMade technology does not generate any ozone.


Whisper quiet

Even in its highest mode the AirCleaner does not exceed 39 dB.

Raumluftfilter PlasmaMade Absolute Science

PlasmaMade AirCleaner starts, where traditional air filters fail.

Coronavirus, bacteria, germs or pollen – the PlasmaMade AirCleaner removes almost all harmful substances from the air of your room and creates a germ-free environment with no pollutants or unpleasant odors. 

The advantage compared to traditional filter systems: The PlasmaMade AirCleaner removes aerosols and thus also coronavirus SARS CoV-2 from the air. Contrary to popular belief, conventional air filters are not suitable for filtering aerosols. After all, they are intended for fine dust. An aerosol behaves differently and this requires an innovative approach. The PlasmaMade AirCleaner lives up to this requirement. The prerequisite is the patented PlasmaMade technology, which combines four different filter systems and thus cleans your air more effectively than traditional and conventional air filters.

The PlasmaMade AirCleaner is able to clean the air even in large rooms with a high aerosol density and thus eliminate the dangerous coronavirus SARS CoV-2. The efficiency of the PlasmaMade AirCleaner was tested in fitness studios, where the air circulation is lower and the aerosol density is significant higher than usual. The AirCleaner passed these tests and proved its strength.

The specially developed technology of the PlasmaMade AirCleaner differs from conventional air filter systems. An electric field is built up in the core of the extremely powerful AirCleaner. Aerosols with the infectious pathogens are bound and destroyed by plasma technology and electrostatic discharge. The complex filter system with the patented PlasmaMade technology reduces the aerosol density reliable – even in large rooms.

Advantages compared to conventional air filter systems

Reduces aerosols to an almost sterile level

Conventional air filters are only intended for the filtration of fine dust. The PlasmaMade AirCleaner is specially designed to clean the air from aerosols, pollen and odors.

Strong technology due to filter combination

The unique PlasmaMade Plug-and-Clean solution is an innovative combination of four filter technologies. Additionally, electric metal cores ensure that even molecular pollution is eliminated.

Flexible and powerful

Whether an office with 40m² or a sports studio with 150m²: The PlasmaMade AirCleaner can be used on the move and, thanks to the plug-and-clean technology, is immediately ready for use.

Safe and comfortable

It has been proven that the PlasmaMade AirCleaner does not emit any harmful ozone. It is characterized by its odorless and extremely quiet operation. Even at maximum output, you do not feel any unpleasant drafts.

Economical and durable

Based on the principle of reciculation, the PlasmaMade AirCleaner has no loss of energy or heat. The AirCleaner has a remarkable low power consumption due to its used dc-technology. Compared to traditional air-purifier-systems, the AirCleaner is low maintenance – only the pre-filter should be replaced annualy.

PlamaMade AirCleaner – Vertical air circulation against pathogens

Simply filtering the air is not enough to effectively remove viruses from the air of your rooms and reduce the risk of infection. The electrical high-voltage AirCleaner reliably eliminates almost all impurities, germs and pathogens from the room air – even infectious aerosols below five micrometers and droplet nuclei. The powerful air purifier with patented PlasmaMade technology was specially developed to fight the corona pandemic.

The PlasmaMade® AirCleaner sucks in polluted air at the bottom, close to the floor and directs it into the interior of the filter system. There, electrostatically charged metal cores take over the elimination of pollution – even molecular impurities in the air are removed. Purified, clean and healthy air is returned to the room from the top of the system and displaces germs to the ground – which reduces the risk of infection and spreading significantly.

In order to achieve an almost sterile air level, the PlasmaMade system combines a total of four different filters. The special filters remove air pollution, germs and dangerous elements like bacteria step-by-step. Even large rooms of up to 150 m² or a volume of 400 m³ are no problem for the powerful AirCleaner-system..

The PlasmaMade® technology: An overview of the AirCleaner´s filter systems

Stage 1: The PlasmaMade Airfilter

The PlasmaMade Airfilter is the first filter that gets in touch with the contaminated air: The plasma filter generates ionized plasma from the room air and splits H₂0 groups in the air. This technique also breaks up most of the foreign matter and odors.

Stage 2: Electrically charged nanofilters based on fiberglass

Two high-performing electrical cores are the heart of the air purifier. The metal cores reliably destroy the foreign matter that is bound by the nanofilter. This efficient technology convinces in two ways: The metal cores not only cleans the air that passes through, but also the surrounding filter systems. This increases the durability of the various filter systems in a sustainable way.

Stufe 3: Electrostatic filters with two metal cores

Two high-performing electrical cores are the heart of the PlasmaMade AirCleaner. The metal cores reliably destroy the foreign matter that is bound by the nanofilter. This efficient technology convinces in double: The metal cores not only clean the air that passes through, but also the surrounding filter systems. This increases the durability of the various filter systems in a sustainable way.

Stufe 4: Ceramic-based filters

The ceramic filter is the final element of the PlasmaMade AirCleaner filter combination. The special ceramic foam cover absorbs residual emissions. This way, only clean and healthy air gets back into the room.

PlasmaMade AirCleaner – Your partner fighting COVID-19

Whether in medical practices, offices, restaurants, retail stores or in fitness studios – the PlasmaMade AirCleaner has been specially developed for closed rooms with low air circulation and high aerosol pollution. The Airsonsible AirCleaner ensures healthy air quietly and unobtrusively. Due to the simple design, it fits into any ambiance. The plug-and-clean technology enables a quick and easy use of the high-performance room air purifier. You can bring the PlasmaMade AirCleaner to where you need it without any great effort and simply plug it into a socket to start the system.

Portrait of a couple of young men talking and laughing while doing some spinning at a gym

PlasmaMade AirCleaner for indoor sports

Indoor sports in times of Corona require special hygiene measures. In order to allow fitness studios to reopen, they must have a sophisticated hygiene and ventilation concept. The PlasmaMade AirCleaner proves its strengths when used in fitness studios: The AirCleaner eliminates infectious aerosols and returns clean, almost sterile air to the training room.

Schulen und Kindergärten können mit dem PlasmaMade Air Purifier Raumluftfilter ein besseres Raumklima für Kinder und Lehrkräfte erzielen.

PlasmaMade AirCleaner in educational and care facilities

Hygiene and ventilation concepts are a major challenge for daycare centers, schools and other educational institutions. The aerosol density of the air is particularly high in closed rooms with many children or students in it. The tiny particles can keep the SARS CoV-2 in the air for a long time. The PlasmaMade AirCleaner takes on the fight against the infectious viruses and reliably contributes to the reduction of coronaviruses, bacteria and germs through plasma cleaning.

Raumluftfilter: Ältere Personen im ärztlichen Wartezimmer – in Arztpraxen und Gesundheitszentren ist eine keimfreie Raumluft besonders wichtig.

PlasmaMade AirCleaner in medical practices

The risk of airborne pathogens is particularly high, where sick and risk patients meet. In order to protect the patients, extensive hygiene and ventilation measures must be taken. Therefore, cleaning the air in the used rooms is important to protect patients and staff. The PlasmaMade downstream technology is the reliable solution to achieve an almost sterile air level thanks to the sophisticated 4-filter system.


Raumluftfilter: Modernes und sauberes Büro

PlasmaMade AirCleaner in offices and conference rooms

Many employees are worried about corona virus infections. In addition, distance rules and hygiene regulations represent major challenges for companies. The aerosol density of the air in the room is particularly high in conference rooms and open-plan offices and keeps dangerous viruses in the air for a long time. The ideal solution: The mobile PlasmaMade AirCleaner. With its practical rollers, it can be conveniently moved to where it is needed.

Schulen und Kindergärten können mit dem PlasmaMade Air Purifier Raumluftfilter ein besseres Raumklima für Kinder und Lehrkräfte erzielen.

PlasmaMade AirCleaner in restaurants and hotels

In the gastronomy business, the indoor air is exposed to particularly high levels of moisture, heat, smells and fat. Infectious aerosols float in the air for a long time under these conditions. In order to reduce the risk of infection with SARS-CoV-2, the room air should be cleaned from dangerous aerosols. The PlasmaMade AirCleaner ensures the necessary air cleaning, eliminates infectious aerosols through the 4-filter system and removes fats and odors. The powerful room air filter works as quiet as a whisper.

man in mask and protective gloves buying fruit food it supermarket shop during quarantine for covid-19 virus outbreak

PlasmaMade AirCleaner in retail stores

In shops with little air circulation, the risk of infection with the coronavirus is high. The PlasmaMade AirCleaner is a quick and effective solution to provide customers and employees in retail with clean air. Aerosols, which transport infectious viruses and bacteria, are eliminated by the high-performance AirCleaner. The purified, clean air is returned to the sales area.

The individual system for high demands

As a combination variant, stand-alone solution or with an individual logo print. We are happy to help you find the right solution for your requirements. As PlasmaMade offers its AirSensor in addition to the AirCleaner, it is guaranteed that you can not only purify your air, but also find out the exact composition of your indoor air. Contact us, we will be happy to explain the advantages of our highly effective system.

Your logo on the PlasmaMade AirCleaner

Printing your logo or company name on the PlasmaMade AirCleaner, you not only get a uniquely efficient room air filter. You also make a statement – the AirCleaner with the company logo shows that you care about employees and customers and that you attach great importance to hygiene and good air. We are happy to support you with the design.

Good to know:

Service Wartung


The PlasmaMade AirCleaner is very low-maintenance. The air flowing through the room air cleaner is completely cleaned. When used for 12 hours a day, the service life of the plasma filter is 5 years. Only the pre-filter needs to be changed annually.

Luftfilter Reinigung PlasmaMade


The PlasmaMade air filter built into the PlasmaMade AirCleaner should be replaced approximately every 9000 operating hours. A pre-filter was installed to protect the innovative and coronavirus-reducing filter package from dust. It should be checked regularly for contamination.

PlasmaMade Garantie


The PlamaMade AirCleaner offers you a 24-month guarantee.

If you would like to know more or have any questions regarding the PlasmaMade AirCleaner contact me. 

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